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What's free and what it's not at - The Wonderland of Pizza offers three plans. All membership listings are displayed as a mini website. Find the one that best fits your needs.

*Free Plan - Must renewed every six month and includes:

•  1 Category listing.
•  Short Descriptions of your company
•  Contact Information
•  Google Map to your location
•  Customer Reviews


Basic Plan - $xxx per year and includes:

•  Category listings.
•  Short and Long Descriptions of your company
•  Contact Information
•  Delivery Zip Codes
•  Payment Methods
•  Google Map to your location
•  Customer Reviews
•  and an Add To My Favorites option 

Standard Plan - $xxx per year. This plan includes all of the above and: 

•  Your own login accessible
•  Logo
•  Up to 10 images
•  Up to five online coupons
•  Up to five events
•  Ability to sell up to 10 products using PayPal
•  Link to your online ordering website
•  A unique domain name
•  Higher rank than "Basic" plan members
•  Customer Support 

*Requires a link back from the user website to his or her listing on the classifieds. Link must be verified before approving a classified listing. We reserve the right to approve, disapprove, or delete any listing. 

Note that maintains an aggressive campaign to promote their website and uses SEO/SEM techniques to increase search engine visibility during a web search. FREE advertising by our customers will also continue to prove beneficial in maintaining the site's popularity. 

The main focus of is to assist your business to grow. Join and be a part of a huge pizza 'family'

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The biggest pizza ever made was baked in Norwood, South Africa in 1990. It was a massive 100 feet across.
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