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About - The Wonderland of Pizza

Although there are multiple pizza resources is the on website to satisfy all a variety of pizza interests and to enhance the pizza experience.

Thus the creation a one-stop solution to everything pizza. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about pizza is now available. If you can't find something just let us know and we'll work hard to serve it up. has been designed to help anyone who has anything to do with pizza, making your pizzas dreams come true. is complete free of commercial ads and those flashy irritating popups.

Our Vision:

Amid the global reach through the Internet, the food industry is competing with other commodities to reach individual countries and people with like interests. Increasingly, people are becoming more acceptable to culture fusions, combining East with West... North with South. Today, pizzas hold there place in just about any culture.

It is our vision to serve the pizzeria owner, pizza franchisee, pizza supplier and simple pizza lovers a virtual "Pizza" of services online. A one-stop resource for anything related to pizzas. Buy, sell, trade, share anything and everything in the world of pizza. Our purpose was to build and sustain the global pizza community and create value for our stakeholders. The result was!

Our objectives:

Customers - To be our customer's benchmark for everything which can be catered to through us.
Employees - To be the employer of choice and let all the employer and employees enjoy a strong bond.
Communities - To have a positive impact on the quality of life in all of the communities we touch.


Safety - Out motto is, "Safety Comes First!" We hold sacred the well-being of people - employees, customers and communities in which we work and live.
Integrity - We are for the people! Hence we live by the highest ethical standards.
Teamwork - We respect each other's perspective and share knowledge and resources to achieve excellence, deliver value, and grow individually and collectively.
Excellence - We never compromise with quality and deliver outstanding services of unmatched value.

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Pizza Facts

The first Pizza Hut is located in Kansas at the Wichita State University Campus. It was opened in 1958 by Frank and Dan Carney, 2 brothers who studied at the university.
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